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My research is focused on dark matter phenomenology, especially the nature and detection of dark matter, interpretation of dark matter direct and indirect detection data, and the impact of astrophysical and particle physics uncertainties on dark matter searches.​


You can find the complete list of my publications on INSPIRE. Here is a list of selected recent publications:

  • I. Santos-Santos, N. Bozorgnia, A. Fattahi and J. F. Navarro, Are there any extragalactic high speed dark matter particles in the Solar neighborhood?, arXiv:2308.15388, accepted for publication in JCAP.

  • A. Smith-Orlik, N. Ronaghi, N. Bozorgnia, M. Cautun, A. Fattahi, G. Besla, C. S. Frenk, N. Garavito-Camargo, F. G omez, R. J. J. Grand, F. Marinacci and A. H. G. Peter, The impact of the Large Magellanic Cloud on dark matter direct detection signalsJCAP 10 (2023) 070,  arXiv:2302.04281.

  • K. Blanchette, E. Piccirillo, N. Bozorgnia, L. E. Strigari, A. Fattahi, C. S. Frenk, J. F. Navarro and T. Sawala, Velocity-dependent J-factors for Milky Way dwarf spheroidal analogues in cosmological simulations, JCAP 03 (2023) 021, arXiv:2207.00069.

  • E. Piccirillo, K. Blanchette, N. Bozorgnia, L. E. Strigari, C. S. Frenk, R. J. J. Grand and F. Marinacci, Velocity-dependent annihilation radiation from dark matter subhalos in cosmological simulations, JCAP 08 (2022) 058, arXiv:2203.08853.

  • E. Board, N. Bozorgnia, L. E. Strigari, R. J. J. Grand, A. Fattahi, C. S. Frenk, F. Marinacci, J. F. Navarro, and K. A. Oman, Velocity-dependent J-factors for annihilation radiation from cosmological simulations, JCAP 04 (2021) 070, arXiv:2101.06284​.

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